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To everyone on here having trouble with Elephant Insurance if you could contact the Better Business Bureau would sure help to put a stop to these people keepin on ripping people off Thanks Add comment

elephant insurance is one of the worse companies to work for. The pay is poor the opportunity to move up in the company even with a masters degree is slim at best.Anyone with a high school diploma could do that job why do you need higher education for what your pay or your opportunities are the same non existing Add comment

Elephant Auto insurance tried to double MY monthly payments Add comment

Has anyone on here had any luck getting anything resolved with these people? are have any information to contact someone over this mess? thanks for any help Add comment

Stay far far away from these people!! My vehicle was damaged by an Elephant customer, she wasn't paying attention and rear-ended me. I have over $3,000 worth of damage now. This is the method they used with me (and after doing research I see others have had a similar experience): 1. They take your statement and claim they are waiting to get a statement from the driver 2. They continuous tell... Read more

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We canceled Elephant insurancebecause we never recieved our insurance card, and we kept getting pulled over saying we were not covered!! A month later they STEAL 57 $ fron our account, our bank was nice enough to credit that back to us....just for Elephant insurance to turn arouns and STEAL another 40$ out of my bank. That is my rent money and money for my daughter. The insurance company refused... Read more

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Worst insurance ever.....cancelled my policy for no reason....I have a perfect driving record. They gave no warning and made a lapse in my coverage. Sent a complaint to virginia bureau of insurance. SCC. They refused to refund my balance in a timely manner saying it would take almost 10 business days...don't bother with this company ...what a joke Add comment

Worst insurance company that we have ever had! Poor customer service! Dropped our insurance because my husband is military and has a drivers license from another state than the insurance states! No call just an email at midnight dropping the insurance. Read more

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I have filed the claim October 21st about my vehicle the adjusters refused to pay for the repairs I can't get an address to send a certified letter or a local phone number I'm in Texas and they tell me Baltimore Maryland so it's almost that could contact me with this matter I would certainly appreciate it Add comment

Save your money and don't give it to this rip off company. I have had them for 11 months and have hated even moment of it. Their customer service is terrible, their wait times are long and their lapse in coverage policy is a way to get you to renew a new 12 month policy. They gave me three days to reinstate and when I tried to call and make a payment they closed early on the day my payment was... Read more

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